Motorcycle Wireless Charging Head

Introducing the Quad Lock Motorcycle Wireless Charging Head

As a valued Quad Lock customer we want you to have the opportunity to be the first to own a Quad Lock Motorcycle Wireless Charging Head But there's some important information you need to know before purchasing one.

Watch the video from one of our Founders, Rob Ward, as to what to expect from your new Motorcycle Wireless Charging Head.

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Initial stock is limited! So get in quick! 

IMPORTANT: Upon receiving the initial production run of Quad Lock Motorcycle Wireless Charging Heads into our warehouses, we became aware of a packaging and assembly issue affecting around 15% of all stock. Please note, this does not affect the performance of the product in any way. We decided to offer this initial run to our existing customer as we didn't want you to wait any longer for access to this product. Watch the full video above to hear Rob Ward talk through it in more detail.


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