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Best iPhone Tripod Mount

When it comes to new iPhone releases, the cameras are consistently the focus (pardon the pun). So if you're looking for the best iPhone Tripod mount to capture still videos or the perfect shot, you've come to the right place.

The Quad Lock Capture Kit allows you to easily setup your iPhone on a tripod for a clear shot, whether you're out and about, at home or in the studio. 

Unlike other iPhone tripod mounts that require two hands and fiddly clamps, Quad Lock makes it easy to quickly lock on and lock off.

The secure, patented Quad Lock interface on the back of the case securely locks onto the head of the Tripod Adaptor with a simple twist and lock motion.

Compatible with standard tripods (1/4" thread), install the Quad Lock Tripod Adaptor by simply twisting it on to your tripod. Yup, that easy.

The secure lock allows you to shoot in either portrait or landscape mode and by keeping your phone steady, it's perfect for shooting in high res and slow motion.

Whether you're using a studio tripod or just a travel tripod, you'll get a clearer picture than simply holding your iPhone.

If you don't have a tripod already and want a mount to hold your iPhone around the house, maybe the Quad Lock Desk Mount is more suited. You can even add the Quad Lock Wireless Charging Head to keep your battery in the green if you're capturing videos all day. 

If you're already using the Quad Lock Capture Kit (or Desk Mount), tag us on @quadlockcase with your best shots and you might get featured.

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