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Cycling in Snow - Tips on How to Keep Riding Through Winter

With extreme temperatures happening all over the world and temps colder than the Arctic in some parts of the UK and Europe 🥶, heading out for a ride in the snow may not seem very tempting right now.

Although it may seem like a crazy idea, cycling in winter can actually be done, it just takes a bit of commonsense and preparation first.

Check out our tips before heading out on your next winter ride so you can keep warm, stay safe and keep on pedalling through the winter months.

Plan out your cycling route in advance

Weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind and ice can make cycling more treacherous so knowing where you're going is a good place to start. Plan ahead, have your cycling route mapped out and check the weather conditions before you head out.

Train inside with Zwift

Without having to leave the comfort of your own home, Zwift is a great way to keep cycling in the winter months while still maintaining your fitness. Zwift is a virtual cycling training app, which is transforming indoor training into a fun, enjoyable and addictive game. With Zwift, you can ride real races on real cycling routes around the world and interact with other cyclists. For more on getting starting with Zwift check out this blog here or our video above.

Maintain your bike regularly

Make sure your bike is in shipshape condition before heading out in any wintery weather. Regular maintenance such as keep your bike chain and brake lubricated will help your bike function better on dodgy terrain. For safety reasons, brakes are the most important part of your bike so check your brake pads are not worn out if you are planning on braving the snow. You never know what unforeseen circumstances might cause you to come to a sudden stop!

Use Winter Tyres

Swap out your regular tyres with tyres that are designed to suit winter conditions. If going outside for a ride means riding on ice glazed roads or snow, you will have serious traction problems if you don't have the right tyres. Tyres with pronounced studs will do the trick and stop any slipping in their tracks!

Be safe. Be seen.

In winter, it will get dark earlier and severe weather conditions such as rain, fog, ice or snow on the roads during the winter months can mean it's much harder for traffic to see you on the roads. By wearing reflective bright clothing, good reflectors and bike lights with high lumens, they will help boost your visibility on the roads and be seen.

Add a few more layers

Rug up, layer up the thermal socks (in extreme cold - 2 pairs will do!) and wear long fingered gloves to protect your hands. Since most of your body heat escapes through your head, a good lightweight merino buff under your helmet will keep you comfortable and warm.

For any other winter cycling tips, let us know in the comments below.

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