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Quad Lock News

Quad Lock’s NEW Suction Base & Action Camera Accessories

Tired of flimsy mounts and shaky footage? Say hello to the NEW Suction Base and Action Camera Adaptors – the ultimate solution for securely mounting your phone or action camera to your car, truck, boat, or plane.



Introducing the Quad Lock 360 Suction Base

No more gels and adhesives! The Quad Lock Suction Base relies on pure suction power, gripping onto smooth surfaces like glass, metal, and fibreglass. Need to move your mount? Simply push the lever, release the vacuum, and stick it to your new adventure. It's that easy! Create the perfect mount using our Quad Lock 360 range to mount your phone or action camera on practically any smooth surface.

Key Features
  • Go Anywhere, Mount Everywhere: Stick your camera practically anywhere with a smooth surface, detach & reattach with ease. No adhesives or gels, just suction! Check out our Surface Guidelines HERE.
  • Customise your perfect set-up: Compatible with our entire Quad Lock 360 range, choose the arm and head to build your ideal set-up.
  • Action-Ready in Seconds: Skip the setup and launch into action. Our new Action Camera Adaptors let you twist or screw your GoPro or action camera onto the Suction Base in seconds.


Build Your Perfect Mount with Quad Lock 360

The Suction Base is just the first step in your customisable Quad Lock 360 journey. Choose from a variety of arms and heads to tailor your mount to your specific needs. Want to capture your next big fish on the kayak with epic GoPro footage? Twist and lock on our Quad Lock to Action Camera Adaptor. Conquering winding roads with your phone as your navigator? Snap the Suction Base onto our windshield. The possibilities are endless!


Action Camera Adaptors

Ready to capture every moment hands-free? Let's break down our two NEW Action Camera Adaptors.

1. Quad Lock to Action Camera Adaptor

Uses the Quad Lock’s renowned twist and lock mechanism. This adaptor is compatible with all Quad Lock twist and lock mounts. Simply twist and lock your action camera onto any Quad Lock motorcycle, bike, or car mount and start filming your adventures.

2. 360 Head Action Cam Adaptor

For a more permanent setup, this adaptor offers a secure screw-in option for your Quad Lock mount which is only compatible with our 360 range.

Whether you're cruising on the boat, hitting the trails, or exploring uncharted territory, this versatile base keeps your action camera accessible and securely in place for the perfect shot. Choose the adaptor that fits your needs and experience the freedom of capturing every epic moment, whatever the chosen activity is.


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