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How Kristine Strange lost 100Lbs by Running!

If you’re trying to lose weight by running then you'll find Kristine’s story very inspirational. We recently came across Kristine’s Instagram account ilostbigandsocanyou and she's a big fan of Quad Lock.

If you don’t know Kristine’s story, then this is how it goes. Kristine began her weight loss journey in October 2012 around the time where people were just starting to use social media to share their progress. After watching other young women lose weight on their own without the help of TV shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ and spending loads of money on expensive gyms and personal trainers, Kristine figured she would give it a go. Kristine is now unrecognisable having dropped over 100 pounds through running and healthy eating and her journey on Instagram is motivational to say the least.

We contacted Kristine to find out a bit more about what inspired her to start running and to see what's in store for her next. Here's what Kristine had to say...

What advice would you give to people who are trying to lose weight, and how should they go about it?

I have struggled with my weight for over half of my life so it's hard to narrow it down to one piece of advice... First you have to mentally be ready for change, and YOU must want to make the change, you can't be doing it for anyone else. Second you must have a plan of attack, and maybe it doesn't work for everyone else but you need to find what works for you and what you can continue to do for the rest of your life because it must become a lifestyle. Focus on small weight loss goals, try not to become overwhelmed with the big picture. If you told me on day 1 I needed to lose 100 pounds I would have given up then and there. I took it 5 pounds at a time and rewarded myself with little things along the way. You make the rules, this is your journey and no one else's. Weight loss doesn't always fix what's inside... work on loving yourself, too. It's okay to have a bad day, but don't let that bad day turn into a bad week. There is no finish line, it's truly forever, but your health and happiness is so worth it!

Are there any apps that you would recommend to use for other people who are trying to lose weight or to help keep track of your goals?

My favourite apps are the Weight Watchers app to track my food. I find tracking your food is so important, no matter what plan you are following it is so beneficial to document what you're eating every day. Another app I really like is the Nike+ app to track my runs. I have used it all throughout my half marathon training and I like that it tells me my distance remaining and tracks all of my past runs.

We’ve noticed that our Quad Lock Armband appears in many of your photos along your journey, how did Quad Lock help you?

All throughout my weight loss journey I have primarily ran as my form of exercise. I have always ran indoors on a treadmill, but as I have been training for 5K's as well as my half marathon (May 7) I've been running outside quite a bit. Having an iPhone 6 plus there are not many arm bands that keep your phone in place and are easily accessible to change music or take off from the arm strap. I saw my friend had one during one of the races we ran and I knew I had to get it. It has been a staple for all of my runs and makes changing music or checking my phone at a glance so simple.

What's next for you, are there any major events/marathons coming up that you are competing in?

I have been training for this half marathon for close to 5 months so this will be one of my proudest accomplishments to date. I would not say that I am a born runner, so taking on this race is going to be such a victory for me. I think after the half I am going to focus on improving my speed. Right now my goal is just to cross that finish line, but I do truly love to run so to see that time go down would be awesome! I may just focus on 5K's for the near future, but who knows, they say once your run your first half you immediately want to sign up for another!

Kristine uses our Run kit for iPhone 6/6s Plus

If you want to find out more about Kristine’s journey check out her Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/ILostBigAndSoCanYou and follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ilostbigandsocanyou/

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