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Best Smartphone Mount for Indian Scout Motorcycle

Since the beginning, Indian Motorcycles have been known for their unique style. So the best smartphone for your Indian Scout Bobber is something that fits discreetly on the handlebars but still holds your device securely.

Highly touted as one of the best smartphone mounts on the market, The Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount is a secure and discreet option.

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The Quad Lock Handlebar Mount comes with three spacers to suit bar diameters ranging from 22mm - 32mm and an extension arm that can be rotated 360 degrees (or not even at all) for the ultimate viewing angle.

The Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount can now be styled to suit your bike, with the option of upgrading from the standard blue lever to a black, white or red lever.

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See examples of Indian Motorcycles with Quad Lock Handlebar Mounts below...

Indian Scout with Quad Lock Handlebar Mount featuring a red lever

Indian Scout Bobber with Quad Lock Handlebar Mount fitted with a black lever

Simply using one hand, you can quickly attach and detach your device so you can use maps (Waze, Apple Maps, Google Maps) or see who is calling you as you ride.

Easy to install, the Quad Lock Handlebar Mount is made from glass filled nylon and is compatible with all Quad Lock cases and the Universal Adaptor.

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