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Build Your Own Mount with Quad Lock 360™

Quad Lock 360™ allows customers to build a mount to suit their active lifestyle. With over 200 different combinations, customers are now able to configure the perfect mount for their specific application.

The introduction of Quad Lock 360™ opens up a multitude of use cases for Quad Lock users to keep their smartphone close by and protected such as boating, kayaking, aviation, music and off road activities to name a few.

Users can build their own mount using our Kit Builder, or simply buy individual parts through shopping the Quad Lock 360™ range.


Build Your Own mount to match your active lifestyle with the Quad Lock 360™ Kit Builder

Build Your Own

Quad Lock 360™ consists of a Base, an Arm (optional) and a Head. Users can also incorporate a Vibration Dampener if necessary or USB Charger if they want to charge their device and the Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head is not a suitable option.

Quad Lock 360 Products

Users can also shop via inspiration, viewing previous setups to replicate in the GET INSPIRED! section on the page. There's the option to filter categories (On Road, Off Road, On Water, On Snow, In Air and Other) so users can find their specific need.

Use the links below to be directed to the category that suits you:

To see a demo of all the new products with a Q&A watch our Facebook Live launch video below.

If you've created your own mount using Quad Lock 360™ let us know in the comments below or tag us on Instagram using @quadlockcase.

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