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Health and Fitness Benefits of Running

Running has been described as the world’s most accessible sport to take up because it's free, uncomplicated and convenient so you can easily pick up and go whenever it suits you. It is also a great way to maintain good health and quality of life.

Most people run to lose weight, tone up and build muscle but it is also hugely beneficial to your overall health. The health and fitness benefits from running are endless which includes lifting your mood, lowering stress levels and maintaining a healthy heart to name a few.

Keeping reading to find out why you should put aside just 30 minutes a day to go for a run to feel the benefits to your overall health and fitness.


You might have heard the quote, “everyday is a good day when you run”. This is because running creates endorphins which make you feel, euphoric, elated, and happy - also called a ‘runner’s high’. You only need to do 30 minutes each day to experience this high and feel the benefits from a run. Running a scenic route or to some fun music can also help elate your mood. Try it and see how your environment improves your psychological well-being. If you have been feeling a little down in the dumps lately then this could be a great way to help lift your mood, so grab your running shoes and head out for a run!


Running can also help to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure. While running may seem daunting and strenuous at first, it won't always be so difficult in the long run. As you run, your body works overtime, delivering more oxygen to your body tissues via your heart, lungs and blood vessels. Eventually as you gain fitness, breathing and heart rate improves as your body adjusts therefore you have more energy so you can run for longer periods. Regular running also helps to strengthen your heart, and lower blood pressure therefore reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and fuelling your overall well-being. To achieve the best results to improve your health and fitness, it is recommended that you try and run at least 3-4 times per week!


The further you run, the more weight you lose right? Running is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight because it burns calories at a faster rate than other exercise such as walking or cycling. By running you are boosting your metabolism so if you are feeling guilty about demolishing that Nutella donut you ate earlier, at least you can feel better knowing it will be metabolized faster than if you didn’t go for a run. Interval training, long distance runs and good nutrition can also play a part to help burn calories at a faster rate. If you need some help to start running, try signing up for a Marathon or challenge or even join a running group. By having something to train towards, or a goal in mind like getting beach ready for a holiday, then you will be more likely to push yourself to achieve those goals.


Regular runs can also help to build stronger bones and improve posture. By running, you are putting extra stress on your legs which carry your body weight and in turn builds stronger bones meaning it won't be long before you start powering up those hills with ease. Running also increases strength and balance. If you spend hours sitting at a desk and struggle to stay upright, then it’s time to start running. With stronger bones you will have better balance and more strength to support your posture as you sit and have the stamina to stay upright at your desk and remain energised for longer. Also as a side note, as you age your bones do weaken, so running is one way to help prevent this!


Running can help to fight common illnesses such as the Flu or Cold and has even been linked to preventing cancer by strengthening the immune system. If you get sick often, or suffer from stress or tiredness, try and go for regular runs as this will boost your body’s natural immune system and flush out bad bacteria from your lungs and airways that cause infection and illnesses. Running is amazing for your health as it helps your body manage stress so that when you are faced with a problem, your body will be better equipped to handle it. In order maintain a good immune system you should try and do at least 30 minutes of running each day even if it's on a treadmill at the gym.

Products pictured: Our runners in the photos above are all using our running armband, which is a great way to monitor statistics such as your heart rate, pace, and calories on your smartphone or for sharing your results when using fitness apps such as Strava or Runtastic! Grab yourself a Quad Lock and make it part of your running routine.

We also have a Quad Lock Strava Run Club where you can join to compare results with other athletes and take part in challenges. Don't forget to share your pics with us on Instagram and tag #quadlock and @quadlockcase for a chance to be featured on our page.

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