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Oscar Piastri Meet & Greet at Australian F1 2024 (Presented by Quad Lock)

Where: Quad Lock Box, Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2024

When: Friday, March 22nd, 10:05am - 10:35am

It was Oscar mania at the Quad Lock Box on Friday as Oscar Piastri made a highly anticipated return at the Melbourne F1. After an outstanding rookie season, Oscar was back to greet his Aussie home crowd for a meet and greet and Q&A session.

Fans lined up for hours to get prime position to see the F1 star up close. A sea of team colours (mostly Papaya) and merchandise flooded the activation zone, with some even showcasing cardboard cutouts of Oscar floating through the crowd.

Can you spot yourself in the crowd?

Following the enthusiastic welcome, Oscar took centre stage for an exclusive Q&A session, offering a rare glimpse into the world of a Formula One driver.

Q: How did Oscar and Mark Webber know each other?

A: We met through a mutual contract who was training me when I first went to Europe.

Q: Apart from on track moments last year, what was your favourite moment of the whole season?

A: Coming here is probably the most exciting weekend of the year. Silverstone last year was our first time we were racing competitively. Lando finished on the podium. I was very close, I think for me, having English fans chanting my name in the middle of us beating them in the ashes - that was pretty weird and very cool.

Q: What is your favourite Tim Tam flavour?

A: Double Coat and if you can't get double coat, then original.

Q: What's one thing you miss the most from the UK when you're back home?

A: My girlfriend, important one - would've got me in a lot of trouble. Apart from that, the food's better here, the weather is better here, the people are better here.

Autographs were signed, photos were snapped, and signed hats were given away, making the event into yet another unforgettable meet-and-greet!

Let us know your favourite Oscar moment from the Quad Lock Box meet-and-greet in the comments below!

As Oscar heads into race day, we’re all ready to cheer him on to victory come Sunday.

PSA! Quad Lock is offering limited-edition Oscar Piastri phone cases exclusively sold at the Melbourne F1 event. So, if you're here this weekend, make sure to grab one before they’re all gone.

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