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5 ways to utilise your smartphone while you work

The Quad Lock Desk Mount is useful in more ways than one when it comes to your workspace.

Use the Quad Lock Desk Mount to treat your smartphone as an extra monitor. You can then make it the go-to monitor for certain apps to control your music, make calls and utilise other work related apps. Plus, if you incorporate the Wireless Charging Head you can keep that battery in the green all day long.

Below we list 5 Top ways to utilise your smartphone while you work with the Quad Lock Desk Mount

1. Communicating with colleagues

Unless you need to share your computer screen, you can keep your main monitor free as you utilise Slack, ZOOM and other quick communications with colleagues on your smartphone.

2. Controlling the tunes

Most of us these days work with some sort of background music or podcast. If you are one to flick between playlists or constantly want to know what the name of the new song you've been bopping to is called, keep your main monitor for work and let your smartphone control the music.

3. Crunching numbers

One of the simplest but most effective apps on your phone is the calculator. Avoid opening this up on your computer and crunch the numbers on your smartphone.

4. Quickly complete quality checks

If you're a graphic designer, web developer or marketer you know the feeling of constantly picking up and putting down your smartphone to test a website, email design or social layout. Having your smartphone right there in front of you can make this process so much easier.

5. Keeping your logins secure

2-step verifications are great for keeping your platforms secure, however, they can be annoying when you're constantly having to confirm emails or get codes to login. Having your smartphone right in front of you makes logging in that little bit easier.

If you feel there's something we've missed, let us know in the comments below.

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