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Cycling 18,000 Miles in 110 Days: Lael Wilcox's Journey to Break the World Record

On May 26, Lael Wilcox set out from Chicago with a bold objective: to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle in just 110 days. This ambitious journey aims to break the current Guinness World Record held by Scotswoman Jenny Graham, who completed the feat in 124 days and 11 hours.

Lael plans to shave nearly two weeks off the existing record. Her meticulously planned route will see her traverse diverse terrains and climates, beginning with a ride across the eastern United States and through much of Europe. She'll then pedal across Australia, followed by a ride through New Zealand. From there, she will fly back to her home state of Alaska, before biking south through Canada to the US West Coast. The final leg of her 18,000-mile journey will take her from Santa Monica back to Chicago.

For attempting the world record, Lael has chosen a Specialized Roubaix bicycle, customised to perfection. Her bike features SRAM’s new Red AXS groupset, a unique cockpit setup, and Zipp 303 Firecrest rims. For storage, she relies on Revelate Designs frame bags to carry her clothing, food, and sleep kit.

Adding to her custom setup, Shawn Small at Ruckus Composites has designed specialized mounts for Wilcox’s Quad Lock mount, dynamo light, and Wahoo Roam, ensuring she is fully equipped for the challenges ahead. Quad Lock has provided Lael with a custom Quad Lock 360 mount featuring a 4-hole base and Lever Head Option, ensuring she can securely attach her phone to her bike for reliable navigation and connectivity throughout her journey.

Lael Wilcox's epic journey is not just a test of physical endurance but a celebration of the spirit of adventure. Follow her progress as she pedals towards setting a new world record and inspiring cyclists around the globe on her Instagram and podcast at https://www.laelwilcox.net/podcast

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