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A Quad Lock Feature - Melburn Hurt

The latest feature in our series looks at the Women's Track Cycling Community in Melbourne, a committed group of female cyclists who go by the name Melburn Hurt.

Founded by Sarah Knight, Melburn Hurt is a women's cycling community. Sarah started the group to encourage more women to get into track cycling in Melbourne while having a bit of fun. We chat to Sarah and some of the girls in the group about bikes, training and why the riders keep coming back for more.

[ Transcript ]

Sarah: "You'd see a lot of imagery and it was the people that were on the top of the podiums or the people that were the elite athletes but there is a whole section of riders that want to do all these activities but they're not represented. If you can't see yourself in the imagery how do you expect other people to have those aspirations.

Melburn Hurt is a GNC and women's cycling community. We give women an avenue to come and actually try a thing that might scare them but to do it in a really supportive environment."

Kia: "I always wanted to ride bikes and I feel like one of the things that stopped me from doing it was that feeling of community. I mean, riding your bike is fantastic but I think that the thing that is so exciting to me is the feeling of community and support."

Jackie: "Everyone's so supportive and welcoming and just encourages you to try something new and if you screw it up completely then you have a laugh about it."

Yvette: "To come here and connect with other people, it doesn't matter how old you are, it's more about being able to share laughs with people, being able to teach people new skills like taking pedals off of their bikes."

Kia: "So Melburn Hurt started and then this community was built around it but I think a lot of people in that community also wanted to be riding cyclocross and mountain biking and so it kind of evolved out of that, that they had a sister group called Melburn Durt."

Sarah: "I had no idea that it was going to take off like this and that people would actually be this engaged and really take ownership of it. It's not just my community it's everybody's community and they all add to it in different ways. It's amazing seeing the friendships that flourish from this kind of thing, it's about having awesome people to do an activity with and learning and growing together.

We're seeing girls that have taken up cycling like maybe a year ago and that they're heading off on these big adventures riding 500km with friends through the bush. Like it's those kind of things they're getting a bit of inspiration."

Jackie: "The amount of confidence that I've gained through it has been great. Stepping out of my comfort zone, meeting some new people and not quite knowing what I was getting myself into. But yeah when the challenge came up leaping at it and then exceeding my expectations I guess of what I was capable of doing."

Sarah: "We do this all year round. Every Wednesday we're down at the velodrome. Every Thursday the riders are out riding the Yarra Boulevard or Yarra Trails or they're here doing drills in the middle of the velodrome."

Kia: "So go and give it a go, it's so good, I wanted to do this and then I felt shy. I felt shy and then I didn't know anybody at the first skill session and then within 5 minutes I'd found the people I wanted to be spending time with. It's a really beautiful and welcoming community. I'm really glad that I came."

Learn more about Melburn Hurt HERE

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