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Exclusive Oscar Piastri Q&A: Who's His F1 Bestie?


Mark your calendars, Piastri fans! As we gear up for the upcoming 2024 F1 season kicking off in Bahrain, we caught up with Oscar for a rapid-fire Q&A sesh. Get ready to discover who his F1 bestie is, the type of music he blasts before hitting the grid, and the show he's bingeing in his downtime.

Who is your best friend on the grid?

“I would say I know Logan the best, grew up racing each other so I will say, Logan.”

What TV show are you watching?

“Most recent TV show… Slow Horses actually, I’ve been watching. It’s kind of like about spies, It’s quite cool actually, so Slow Horses is a good one.”

What kind of music do you listen to before a race?

“So before a race, I don’t listen to any music and I quickly discovered in F1 that you’re listening to whatever they blare on the speakers on the grid so whatever the DJ is playing that day. I like listening to just like house music. If I’m in an energetic mood, then Drum and Bass as well but I don’t actually listen to anything to hype me up, like I said we got the DJ on the grid you listen to that whether you like it or not.”

What’s your dream car of all time?

“Very good question I think from a McLaren point of view, a P1 is a very cool car, Senna is very cool car as well so I probably pick one of those."

Favourite Quad Lock product

“I like the phone case, I think it looks cool. It’s very sleek and you can customise the colours on it…at quadlockcase.net, quick little plug there. The case looks cool for me…favourite product I would say, is probably the Car Mount because I drive cars a lot…obviously, I don’t have one in my F1 car, but that’s probably the one I use the most and you can also charge your phone at the same time."

Favourite Track

“Favourite track for me is Spa. I just really enjoy the circuit, it’s a really fun track to drive going up Eau Rouge for the first time every weekend is always an exciting experience, even if it’s not that much of a corner for us anymore. It’s kind of got a nice vibe about it, the fans are always cool, so yeah, Spa’s my favourite.”

If you could race any track in reverse, what track would it be?

“Any track in reverse I would probably still pick Spa because going down Eau Rouge would be pretty nuts. I’m gonna say Spa in reverse as well.”

What are your thoughts on endurance racing? Who would you want to share a car with?

“I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of endurance racing or sharing a car with other people. If I had to share a car with somebody who would I pick…firstly someone that is similar size to me so that I can make the seat to the size I want and they could work around me so Lando Norris actually fits that build pretty nicely. I’ll go with Lando.”

We’re looking forward to the watching Oscar race in the season launch at the Bahrain GP. Let’s go OP!

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