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Indoor Cycle training using Zwift iOS and Quad Lock

I ride because it's fun, an awesome way to commute, good exercise and great for getting outdoors with your mates. Jumping on a cycle trainer and staring at a blank wall for hours while sweating your arse off does not exactly have the same appeal. Well... to me anyway.

A US-based start-up called Zwift is set to change that. If you haven't heard of it before, Zwift is a virtual cycling training app which is transforming indoor training into a fun, enjoyable and dare I say addictive game.

When first released you needed a reasonably powerful PC or Mac to run it, however, the recent release of Zwift on iOS means you can now run it on your iPhone or iPad! Perfect for all you Quad Lock owners out there! 

To get started all you need is a bike, a cycle trainer and some basic Bluetooth sensors (speed/cadence as a minimum). If you want more accurate data, a power meter or smart trainer is the go and a heart rate monitor so you can see how hard you're working. I'd also recommend investing in a smart trainer as Zwift can vary the resistance of the trainer when you're going up or down hills which makes it soooo much more fun and realistic.

Just download the Zwift App, connect it to your trainer/sensors and you're away. Both the Quad Lock Out Front Mount or Bike Mount are great for Zwifting on the bike. Alternatively, you can use a Wall Mou to stick your iPhone on the wall, or if you have Apple TV you can Airplay your iPhone to a big screen TV.

Before you get started I'd highly recommend getting a good fan or you will be sweltering in heat like you've have never experienced before. I nearly passed out on my first ride due to not having any air flow. After a quick recover shower, I zipped down to Bunnings and purchased a 50cm floor fan, and a sausage because it was the weekend, which made life on the trainer much better.

If you're in the market for a trainer check out this comparison by DC Rainmaker. I use the Tacx Bushido which is not the best but it was cheap and is self-powered so it doesn't need plugging in. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Watopia!

Chris Peters

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