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Most Epic Cycling Routes

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore new surroundings and take in the beauty of nature.

From cruisey paths to exhilarating climbs, there are many epic cycling routes around the world to explore. Cycling is an intimate way of learning about the places you are in while admiring your surroundings and taking a separate path from tourist crowds.

You might have been planning some epic trips for future years, or simply dreaming of them. Either way, we have done some research for you and picked 5 cycling routes that are sure to wow even the most experienced cyclists.


Known for its astounding natural beauty, New Zealand has one of the most scenic cycling routes. The Otago Peninsula is long and surrounded by ocean views, with the steep climbs and fast descents making it perfect for an exciting and satisfying bike ride. This ride suits all fitness levels including families and those who don’t cycle often.

Image: lifehack.org


From Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, this long stretch of scenic route provides mountain views and high climbs making it a breath-taking experience for those who aren’t scared of a bit of height. The 30 mile (48km) climb at Col de L’Iseran will test your endurance but the views from top will definitely make it worthwhile.

This route is considered difficult so it is best for experienced cyclists or cyclists looking for a challenge.

Image: outdooractive.com


With its winding roads and desert landscapes, the Gorges Du Dades in Morocco is a must for cycling enthusiasts. The historic sites along the way offer a spectacular view which stretches for 100 miles (160km). The steep gradient and long stretch of road makes it a route suitable for cyclists who are comfortable with pushing the limits.

Image: komoot.com


For an otherworldly experience, look no further than riding your bike through the largest salt flat in the world. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is an unreal landscape with a distance of 186 miles (300km), which takes about five days to complete making it a difficult but worthwhile route to cycle.


Get your bags packed, this ride is going to be a long one! A historic road connecting the East to the West, The Silk Road was an important trade network, contributing to not only trade, but political and cultural exchange. It stretches over 8,000 miles (12,800km) and is known as being one of the hardest and longest cycling routes in the world. A truly spectacular experience, The Silk Road is a must see for cyclists who are looking for a true challenge.

Image: davestravelpages.com

Let us know what your dream epic cycling route is in the comments below!

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