If you own a smartphone you'll know how handy it can be to look up a location and be guided there with audio and visual directions. This is great when walking or driving but what if you're riding a bike? If you've tried you'll know it's very difficult to pull the phone out of your pocket every time you need to check your still going the right way. It can also be downright dangerous for your smartphone if you lose your grip in the process.

This is the exact problem that led Melbourne based designer Chris Peters to develop a solution that would allow you to get your smartphone out of your pocket and safely onto the handle bars of your bike.

Quad Lock, as it's called due to the four tabs which are integral to the patent pending system,  is a unique solution which allows you to securely and conveniently attach your smartphone to your bike, car, or arm and that's just the start of the many mounting options available. 

The idea came to Chris after he managed to get his hands on one of the original Apple iPhones shortly after they were released. "I had just moved to Sydney at the time and found having access to Google Maps very handy for getting around. Cycling was my main method of transport and I thought it would be great if I was able to see my iPhone while riding"

Chris experimented with existing car mounts and cradles but was never happy with the solutions as they just weren't secure enough for use on a bike and were way too bulky. Frustrated with the lack of decent mounting solutions he decided to develop his own system that would allow you to mount your iPhone on your bike with a secure, discrete design.


Developed in Australia, the Quad Lock® mounting system is a unique idea that was brought to market through the power of Crowd Funding, social media and ecommerce.

Not having the capital to take a product like this to market Chris and his business partner Rob Ward turned to the internet to see if they could raise the required funding. Chris and Rob had been eagerly watching the rise of the crowd funding and had witnessed lots of great product ideas raise huge amounts of money. After seeing the TikTok Watch almost tip the $1 million mark, they decided it was definitely worth trying it with the Quad Lock.


The Quad Lock® Kickstarter project was launched on the 5th of December 2011. It smashed its funding goal within the first two weeks of launch and received very positive feedback from the cycling industry.


The demand following on from Kickstarter keep growing so the duo set up an online store to allow customers to continue to order.

To date hundreds of thousands of Quad Lock products have been shipped to over 4,000 cities in over 100 countries and sales continues to grow at a steady rate.

The big difference between the Quad Lock® and other mounting solutions is that Quad Lock is a cased based system. What this means is that half of the mount has been built into the rear of a slim protective case. The case provides great every day protection for your smartphone while also allowing the mounts to be very small and discreet so you'll barely notice them when not in use.

Another area that separates the Quad Lock from its competitors is security. Unlike most mounts and cradles on the market, it's very easy for your phone to be dislodged from the mount if bumped or knocked. If this happened on a bike it could be fatal for your smartphone.

To prevent this happening the Quad Lock features a dual stage locking mechanism (patent pending) that securely locks your phone to the mount. Once your smartphone is attached it will never be accidently released. It also extremely quick to use. Your phone can be attached or removed from any of the mounts in seconds.

The system works so well that Chris and Rob get emailed on a regular basis by customers that are ecstatic that their smartphones have survived some pretty bad cycling accidents.

"One unfortunate customer sent us photos of his bike with buckled wheels and bent handle bars along with x-rays of his broken bones which was the result of being hit by a truck. He email us to say how thankful he was to find his phone unharmed and still safely mounted to his stem so he could call for help. If he had stored his phone in his jersey pocket it would have been destroyed or worse still, it could have of made his injuries worse." 

Since releasing the original Quad Lock bike mount the design has been adapted to suit a whole suite of applications. The range now includes a car mount, sports armband, wall mount, belt clip and a tripod adaptor.

Rob Ward (@robyward) and Chris Peters (@cplicious