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the Galaxy S8 bike kit has everything you need
Mount Samsung S8 on your bike
commuter bike with Samsung Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8 on commuter bike
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The Quad Lock® Samsung Galaxy S8 bike kit has everything you need to mount onto your bike. Thanks to the Patented Quad Lock® dual locking system the bike mount for the Galaxy S8 is the lightest, strongest and most dependable Samsung Galaxy S8 Bike Mount available on the market. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has endless features including extended battery life to power your smartphone for longer meaning you never really have to stop using your phone on-the-go. A widescreen infinity display screen allows uninterrupted viewing when using fitness apps such as Strava™ or MapMyRide to track or navigate your ride with Quad Lock®.


  • Compatible with all Quad Lock® Mounts and accessories
  • Tough, impact-absorbing Samsung Galaxy S8 case
  • Sleek, stylish Galaxy S8 Case lined with protective microfiber internal lining
  • Bike Mount Pro mounts on both Stem and Handlebars
  • Bike Mount Pro fits tube diameters ranging from 25-40mm in diameter. Larger diameters can be secured with longer zip-ties. 

Note: The Samsung Galaxy S8 Bike Kit does not include a Poncho cover.
  • 1 x Quad Lock Case
  • 1 x Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO

Mounting Hardware

  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (small)
  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (large)
  • 2 x Nylon Zip ties

Quad Lock Galaxy S8 Bike kit

Bike Mount Dimensions (mm)