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Sean Conway Attempting to Break World Record With Fastest Ride Across Europe

In 2016, Sean Conway became the first person to cycle, swim and run the entire length of Great Britain, therefore completing the world record for the longest-ever triathlon.

Now fast forward a few years to 2018 and Sean is back at it with his latest mission, to become the fastest person to ride across Europe by bike. Starting April 16th, Sean will ride 4,500 miles (7242km), from Cabo de Roca on the west coast of Portugal to Ufa in Russia. To break the World Record, Sean will need to cycle as fast as possible and cannot let anything slow him down. That includes his kit.

We already know Sean is a longtime user of Quad Lock but we were excited to see our Quad Lock bike mount has made the cut in his bike kit for this World Record Attempt!

We managed also managed to get hold of Sean's kit list (see image below). For a full detailed list or if you are planning on attempting this yourself, you can find the Kit List here.

We wish Sean all the best on this amazing adventure and look forward to seeing Sean break the World Record to become the fastest person to ride across Europe!

To follow Sean's World Record Attempt live, check out this link: Watch Now

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