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The Best Gifts for Cyclists 2022

With the holiday season coming up, we thought we could make your life a little bit easier by compiling a list of the best gifts for cyclists in your life. Keep reading below to find out how to make the cyclists in your life feel extra special this gift-giving season.

1. Socks

Socks are essential for cyclists. We have asked the many cyclists at our office what they would want for Christmas and the most common answer was socks! Not to mention, it is a great and affordable gift that can keep any rider feeling comfortable all year round.


2. Gloves

Gloves, gloves, gloves! Another perfect yet affordable gift for those around you that enjoy riding.

For the fairweather rider you know out there, fingerless gloves during the warmer months are handy to help soak up sweat, keep your hands dry, and allow for a safe grip on those handlebars at all times.

And…for all the non-fair weather riders, winter gloves are a great addition to keep those hands warm during cold winter months. Having a few pairs to cycle through is always essential during the wet weather climate.

Check out our blog for the Best Tips for Essential Cycling Gear and Accessories in Winter ❄️

3. Strava Subscription

No seasoned cyclist hasn’t downloaded Strava and the app's 95 million users can attest to this. In short, for those unfamiliar - Strava is an app that can track physical activities from running, and cycling to hiking that incorporates social networking features.


The subscription offers exclusive features such as:

  • Compete on segments: Nothing is more motivating than competing with yourself, this feature allows users to challenge themselves against their past efforts.
  • Goal setting and tracking: Have goals in one place to track the progress of each and every ride.
  • Plan and discover new routes: Routes that you would have never thought of - this feature allows users to plan and discover new routes created by the Strava community.

Be a part of the Quad Lock community on Strava here!

4. Quad Lock Bike Kit

Phones have become a more and more integral part of riding - whether it’s to navigate rides, track routes, or take photos on the go. A Quad Lock bike mount helps you do this seamlessly by placing your phone right in front of you on rides to do so. Perfect for road cyclists, mountain bikers, and daily commuters, the Quad Lock mount will stay secure throughout the toughest terrains.

We have 3 options to choose from the Out Front Mount, Out Front Mount Pro and the Stem Mount.


Spice up the set-up with any of these cycling accessories:

  • Poncho: A slip-on phone cover to protect the phone no matter what the terrain is. From rain, dirt and mud, the poncho has got you covered.
  • Camera/Light Adaptor: For those who love capturing videos on rides, this one’s for them!
  • Coloured Lever: choose from red, black, and white - extra points if the colour matches their bike.


5. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Talk about an underrated gift, coffee. There’s always been a history of cycling and coffee, so this would be a great present for any coffee drinkers out there. Not only does coffee offer a performance boost but the culture and routine of getting one are rooted in the sense of community built when stopping for a coffee before, during and after a ride.

We’d recommend going to their local coffee shop and paying for a month’s worth of coffee or opting for a coffee hamper online.

Byron Bay Gifts

6. World Bicycle Relief Donation

Donate to a charity on behalf of someone. The World Bicycle Relief partners with rural communities worldwide to help mobilise these individuals using the power of bicycles. The organisation provides Buffalo Bikes as a means to enable sustainable development and stimulate job and education opportunities for people across the world. One bicycle can help transform the lives of many, including students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in low-income communities.

World Bicycle Relief

You can choose to donate one time or monthly. Whether it be $25 for a wheelset or $1,554 for 10 bicycles, any donation will help shape future generations.


7. Handlebar Bag

A handlebar bag is a great gift as most just fit onto any bike with a quick-release system. They provide the extra storage needed to stash things like keys, wallets, or snacks for the ride.

Rapha makes an awesome Bar Bag that you can easily attach and detach onto the handlebars.

Fixed Gear Coffee

8. Helmet

Safety comes first, and what better way to show someone how much they mean to you than by gifting them a helmet to protect them on rides? The Kask Protone Icon Helmet is the perfect helmet equipped with the latest technological advances in safety, ventilation and aerodynamics, perfect for road cycling.

9. Glasses

Whilst on the discussion of safety, UV protection for the eyes is highly important which is why cycling glasses are a great gift for any cyclist. Riding for hours in the sun can cause a lot of damage to the eyes which is why we recommend the 100 Percent Speedcraft Glasses that are 100 percent UV Protection.

100 Percent

10. Bike Store Voucher

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a bike store voucher. Any voucher or e-gift card from your local bike shop will work as a treat for that person to get whatever they please…it’s failproof.

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