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Virtual Tour de France - Zwift

The First Ever Virtual Tour De France Is Here

2020 has delivered obstacles for all of us and sporting events have especially taken a hit. Tour De France organisers are still adamant the real thing will go head in August. But in the meantime, we can still get our July cycling fix (and views of the French countryside) with the first ever virtual Tour De France, held over Zwift.

Our good friend, Shane Miller aka GPLama, wraps up everything you need to know in under 10 minutes.

Commencing Saturday 4th July, the Zwift version of the tour will be held over 3 weekends. Unlike the 21 stage real life event, this tour will feature 6 stages (2 each weekend).

For more info check out: https://zwift.com/virtual-tour-de-france

If you ever wondered how you would stack up against the pros, Zwift users will be able to ride the same roads as the pros with all stages being released to the public on the Zwift platform.

If you want to get your Zwift setup ready for the tour, check out our blog about Zwift setups here:


Or check out our Instagram for further inspiration

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