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7 Creative Hacks with Quad Lock

While we receive loads of new product ideas everyday from Quad Lock fans, we can't always make it happen, so some customers take these ideas into their own hands.

From home-made Quad Lock "pig wands" to golf buggy mounts, our Quad Lock fans and customers love getting their hands dirty and sharing their creations with us. We've compiled 7 of the best and craziest ideas and hacks that stood out. Enjoy!

Hack #1 Wallet + Phone Case = QuadWallet?

Sometimes it's more convenient to keep your wallet and smartphone together in one place, so what did James do? He combined the two together. Nifty.

Hack #2 Quad Lock Pram Mount

A great hack for busy mums on the go. Introducing the Pram Mount. This one doesn't require any modification, and is a little hack from us! Just mount your bike mount directly to your pram bars, and that's it!

Hack #3 The Quad Lock Double Decker Flat Pack.

Using a flat battery pack, our Universal Adaptor, and a Quad Lock Adhesive Wall mount, Jon managed to pull off his own version of a battery-powered Quad Lock case.

Hack #4 Quad Lock Golf Buggy Buddy.

Sebastien used our Quad Lock Adhesive Wall mount to adhere his phone to his Golf buggy. Definitely a great idea for keeping the score. Great hack!

Hack #5 The Quad Lock Spider Stand.

If you need to mount your phone to any awkward spots around the house, Herbert has the answer. Combing the Breffo stand with our Quad Lock Adhesive Wall mount, Herbert has made his own perfect smartphone holder for all those nooks and crannies!

Hack #6 Quad Lock Snag Holder.

This one, we actually came up with ourselves. With the help of a 3D printer and a few snags, we came up with our own Quad Lock Snag holder for all those vital trips to Bunnings.

Hack #7 The Pig Wand.

Not too sure who sent this idea in but it's definitely an interesting hack. This person made their own "Pig Wand". The purpose? We're guessing for all those times you might need to measure your pig size, this is the solution.

If you have a great hack or idea you want to share, make sure you tag us on facebook with @quadlockcase!

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