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Desk setups - How to Declutter Your Workspace For A More Productive Life

A neat and ordered workspace clears the way for higher productivity. As the saying goes, tidy desk, tidy mind right?

We've all been guilty of having a messy desk at some stage or another 😳. It happens to the best of us. To help you declutter your workspace so you can get stuff done and lead a more productive life, we're sharing our tips for a tidy desk.

Don't go overboard with personal items or knick-knacks, it's not necessary.

Strip back on the unnecessary items that may be cluttering up your workspace. Old greeting cards, last year's calendar or magazines lying around are just going to take up space and look messy. It's time to either recycle them or put them in the trash.

Go easy on post-its or better yet, keep your notes in order with the "stickies" desktop app.

Post-its can a be a handy way to quickly take notes, write down a reminder or remember a hack. But they can get out of control and messy. We recommend using the "stickies" app on your desktop, it's a great way to keep notes, plus you can save them so you'll never lose your notes again.

Give all your items a home or put items back where they belong.

Put everything in its place. If you have a desk organiser or drawers, use it to store staplers, pens and other items that may get in the way of your minimal setup. File away documents in drawers or a filing cabinet and take items that don't belong at the office home.

Embrace the space!

You've probably seen it on Instagram but white, minimal workspaces are trending, you can now even rate people's spaces. There's nothing people like more than a fresh, clean desk setup. Less is more when it comes to a minimal setup, so going digital or de-cluttering unnecessary items can be one way to start making the transition.

Keep your workspace minimal with a Desk Mount for your smartphone.

If you tend to misplace your smartphone or run out of battery often because you forget to charge it, get yourself a Quad Lock Desk Mount for your workspace. The desk mount is minimal, sleek, easy to use and a stylish addition to your workspace plus with wireless charging you can charge your phone at the same time.

How do you de-clutter your workspace? Let us know in the comments below.

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