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First Look at Harley-Davidson's New Electric Bikes

It wasn't long ago that Harley-Davidson announced they were making their first ever electric motorcycle and now they have unveiled not one, but two brand new electric bike concepts.

It's an interesting direction for the oldest motorcycle company in the world and according to Harley-Davidson, you won't need a motorcycle license to ride one of these!

The first of the new electric bikes is a very minimal scooter design, ideal for city cruising. The bike can be charged using a normal wall plug at home and according to Harley, you won't need a motorcycle license to ride one of these as there is no clutch... so no gears to deal with! Also the battery pack is designed to be removed by hand which makes it easy when it comes to charging.


The second concept is super sleek and looks more like a pimped up mountain bike. The bike is pedal-less and features an inverted fork suspension, motorcycle-style soft tail and tyres that would be perfect for off-road or trail rides.


With more and more consumers opting for eco-friendly products, this could open up a whole new market for Harley-Davidson. But how do those Harley traditionalists feel about it?

Jack Mitrani was the first person to ride the electric Harley in the wild. See below.

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