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We Ride Australia

We Ride Australia aims to inspire all Australians to choose cycling

We're well aware of the benefits of cycling, which is why we've joined the We Ride Australia campaign as a Foundation Member to empower decision makers and inspire all Australians to choose cycling.

Add your voice to the campaign here We Ride Australia

So What Is We Ride Australia?

We Ride Australia is an independent voice that works to secure policies, infrastructure and programs that ensure cycling contributes to healthy, safe and enjoyable communities across Australia.

Support from Australians increases the foundation's ability to reach decision makers, planners, experts and governments at all levels.

Nearly four million Aussies regularly ride a bike. But there are many more who would like to do the same. The foundation is working towards making bike riding more attractive, easier and safer.

" I think we have got to start thinking of cycling infrastructure as being a fundamental part of our transport system. " - Hon Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports

How do they do this?

Through collating data to running a series of programs and events, the foundation aims to educate the public and key business and government officials to create more cycle friendly communities. The foundation focuses on four key pillars:

  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • An Independent Voice
How does Quad Lock fit into this?

As a Foundation Member, we will support We Ride Australia by helping to create awareness within the community about the initiative (just like this blog post is doing). By adding our voice to the growing list of members, we hope this helps strengthen We Ride Australia's voice when it comes to speaking with influential figures within the community.

Add your voice to the campaign here We Ride Australia

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